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Wood Deck Care and Maintenance Tips From
American Deck Maintenance

Tip #1

Proper ventilation is needed to prevent moisture buildup...

Standing water can lead to premature wood damage. Gaps between boards must be free from dirt, debris and twigs; allowing water to drain freely. Air needs to flow in, and around, your deck to prevent moisture buildup. If your deck is over 24" high, make sure air can enter from the sides. Gaps between the boards can be opened, and vents can be installed to solve moisture problems.

Tip #2

Protecting your deck from water stains...

Adequate drainage is needed for potted plants. Therefore drain holes are located at the bottom of most pots. Setting the pot or planter on the deck surface will leave a stain and may start wood decay in that area. Moisture never has a chance to evaporate between the deck and planter. For large plants use a few cedar or treated 2x2's to separate the planter from the deck. Deck stand-offs can be used not only for planters, they can also be used for umbrella stands or other flat heavy objects of any size. Deck standoffs are small decks that are made out of cedar or treated pine. If you can't find the right size, shape or color American Deck Maintenance Inc. can custom make them to your specifications.

Tip #3

Using your deck over winter...

Many deck owners like to use their barbecues and hot tubs during the winter. To make safe passage across your deck after a snowfall it may be necessary to shovel a path through the snow. To protect your deck, use a PLASTIC SNOW SHOVEL. Shovel (along) the board's lengthwise. A steel shovel may get caught, damaging the wood. If possible remove the shoveled snow from the deck completely. Avoid using salt or ice melters. These products will leave a residue and may discolor or damage some coatings. Plastic shovels can be found at hardware stores and at many of the large discount home improvement warehouses.

Tip #4

Protecting your deck from candle wax...

When using candles on your deck you should put on a level area to avoid spills. Or place a safe container under candle. If you do have a spill on your deck use a putty knife to remove the bulk of the wax. Then you can apply hot soapy water and blot it up. You might try a wax and grease remover. But first try it on a small inconspicuous area to assure there will not be any discoloration. We have had the best luck with our steam cleaner. Hot water and a little pressure will do wonders.

Tip #5

Maintaining your deck though the season...

Deck maintenance is essential. Thoroughly sweep surface of your deck. Clean your deck using a medium synthetic brush, garden hose and our ADM Safe-Wash. It will remove the dirt but won't harm the finish. Always remember to follow directions closely. Cleaning your deck between coating will help maintain the beauty of the wood.

Tip #6

Woodpeckers destroying your deck?

If your are having a woodpecker problem try buying some plastic owls or rubber snakes. Lay them down by or on your deck. You will be surprised on how fast it works to scare the woodpecker away.